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A website is a Work in Progress

When starting out a business venture, a lot of businesses  have the question: Do i need a website?

Well, marketing experts agree that as a start it is worth investing money into at least a simple website that will give you internet presence. The simple website would have a home, about us, and a services page,and this would be enough to get you started.
Secondly,  there are other aspects of social media that are very relevant,such as setting up a  Linkedin  profile. Linkedin is a social networking website, and has 4 million users in Australia alone.
Thirdly, a good business card is also very important. It is a good idea to leave a business card with a potential client, and that way they will know exactly where to find you should they need to make contact. Once you have these three elements of your business in place you are definitely on the right track.


Once you have set up  a website, you need to remember that it is a WIP (Work in progress ). A lot of people think that once you set up a website then that is it and there is no more to it.However, as  a business owner you need to view your website as a WIP ( work in progress) that requires continous nurturing. YOu can think of your website as a garden, that needs constant care and attention. AS a gardener you would know that once you do the planting, thats not the end of the story. YOu need to add fertilizer, the plants need watering, you need to mow the lawn,  you need to keep up with the weeding, and generally do at least half an hour a week so that your garden doesn't get out of control.
So in essence your gardening requires some tlc to keep it looking good.



This analogy is very similar to a website. Having a website up and running, with good content is not the end of the story. Like a garden the website needs attention and regular maintenance. A website is a Work in progress, whereby you need to constantly add to it. There is always new technology and new ideas emerging, making it imperative that you constantly upgrade and add to your website.

If you start off with a simple website, you may decide that you want to add more as your business grows. YOu may need to amend content, add new tabs, for items such  newsletters, blogs, and more.  When you start off, you may not have all the expertise at hand to create the perfect website, but overtime you can add to it reflecting your business journey.

So in essence your website like the garden, requires some tlc to keep it looking good. Having a look at your website  you may realise that there is quiet a lot to be done, from content management through to security and maintenance, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Like hiring a gardener to maintain your garden you can call on us to help out with this aspect for your website.

I hope this makes sense to you, and as we have discoverd these very issues for our own clients, we thought it would be a nice idea to share this with our readers.

Have a great week!


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