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Facebook for business

I attended a half day Facebook workshop organised by the City of Glen Eira, which was presented by Alli Price from Motivating Mum.
This was a very popular workshop indeed, and every small business owner in the room was keen to learn more about Facebook and how it can help them with their particular business.  As I found it very relevant to our business, I thought I would share some of the insights covered.


Facebook is the most labour intensive of all social media. This is so, given the constant changing of the algorithms which in turn determines on whose newsfeed your posts appear on. With Facebook you need to work harder so that your likers can  actually see what you post.

Before you even start talking about Facebook, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is this the best social media option for you?
  • Is your target market on Facebook?
  • Do you as a small business owner have the time and energy to run a Facebook page?


Marketing Opportunities on Facebook:

  • Your timeline cover is your best marketing opportunity – you need to get people to like this at first glance. Make sure it’s done professionally- otherwise you will undersell yourself!
  • The message you send out needs to explain what problem you are solving or what benefit you are offering.
  • Your profile picture needs to be square – 160pixels X 160 pixels.
  • Make sure your Facebook page is linked to your website.

Anatomy of a Facebook update:

  • Think about who your market is and what they want to read/hear and then promote your business.
  • Mix up posts between, business, personal, interactive and sharing of content.
  • Use space: make it easy for people to read!
  • Keep messages short and use images wherever possible, as social media is very visual.
  • Shorten URL’s using tinyurl.com or bitly.com
  • Ask for action: share or like, every now and then but not all the time, as you will annoy people!
  • The best time to post on Facebook- you can test this for yourself and check the insights tab on your fb page.
  • You should be posting 2- 3 times a day!! But you can leverage your work: i.e. have links to your blogs and then you can repeat information.

Facebook Advertising:

  • You can advertise regardless of the number of likes you have.
  • Once you advertise you can then use this to get more likes for your page or direct them to your web site.
  • You can use pay per click but be sure to set a budget!

A little bit about likes:

  • You should ask for likes at every business opportunity.
  • Don’t buy likes as they are useless and don’t really help your business.

What is the “talking about this”:

  • This is actually more important than the likes.
  • This is the actual number of people who are 'engaged' and interacting with that Facebook Page - include activities such as comments, likes to a post, shares, etc.
  • Aim for 5-10% of your likers.


Once you are online for a longer period of time , you can check the following about your on line audience:

  • demographics
  • overview of your activities
  • likes/unlikes: unlikes are not too bad as they get rid of people that are not interested in your page.

Other  features of Facebook:

  • You can organise events, competitions, create groups, and even run competitions.
  • You can schedule your posts so they appear at a specific time/date.

Facebook is a great marketing tool when used correctly.  Facebook does have some great features, so if it would work for you, why not set up a business page for yourself. Don’t forget to promote your business- people want information about your business.


I hope that you have found this useful for your small business as we have for ours.

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