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Facebook page vs. a Website

Here is a question that I get  asked all the time. Do I need a website or is a facebook page sufficient?  The answer is:


Should you use social media, social networks and social tools? Yes you definitely should! But the question that you need to ask yourself is:

 What is mine and what do I have 100% control of?
Facebook can and often changes the layout, features, and functionality.  Facebook is a business, and their aim is to make money.  Whatever you put on Facebook resides on their servers, including your content, and your fan base. They can take away your ability to get this information at any time.

Facebook can:

  • Take down your page, and you have no real recourse.
  • Alter who sees your content in their news-feed.
  • Can and often alters the way your page looks, and you have no real recourse.
  • It’s simple and it’s a fact: you don’t own the Facebook page!

However a website is yours, you own it 100%!
Unlike Facebook and other social media sites, you own your website. No one but YOU will decide how you want the page to look, YOU decide which subscribers will see your posts, and you can have unlimited content on a website. You are able to have images and video galleries that can showcase your products/services.

Consumers are still heavily relying on Google to find the local dentist, architect and so forth. You need to be found and be high up in the search results. You have more control with your own website than depending on how Facebook displays your page content on search engines.

So every business should have a website!

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