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Manifesting your business success in 2014

I attended a half day workshop at the City of Glen Eira, which was presented by Rachael Pickworth. The topic is relevant to all small business owners, and as the year is almost over, it was a great idea   to attend this workshop and get ready for 2014.

The participants ranged from start-ups to established businesses of 20+ years.  There was a great vibe and a lot of positive energy in the room, and the presentation was quiet good and here is a summary of what was covered.

It was pointed out that a lot of business owners make the same mistake - not making any plans for the following year. I suppose we are all guilty of this at some point in time. If you don’t stop and plan the year ahead then most probably this will be the scenario –Christmas holidays and school holidays finish up and we are already in February, and you start to think hmm what should I do first, should I do this or that or…. You most likely find that you have so much to do and don’t know where to start. To avoid such a bad start to the year, you need to have clarity, focus and an action plan to be able to achieve your business and personal goals. 


CLARITY- what exactly do you want your business to do in the next 12 months i.e.: grow, streamline, leverage, change direction or play a bigger game.  This is different for each and every business yet still needs to be identified. Once you get this clarity then it is much easier going forward. 

FOCUS- address what is working and what needs to work in your business. Quoting Rachael Pickworth “Things can only change when we acknowledge what needs change”.   Also, look at what you need to overcome internally to maintain energy and align your goals.

ACTION PLAN- create a kick start action plan for your business for 2014. Most business owners have a business plan ranging from one page to an entire folder. The problem with this is that a business plan needs to be reviewed on a regular basis, and not just used as a door stopper ;) 

What was recommended is an action plan such as

  • Goals- 12 months
  • Goals- 6 months
  • Project- 90 days
  • Action- 30 days
  • Action – 7days

It is also important to identify what obstacles could potentially get in your way of achieving these goals and then keep this in mind for the following year.  When identifying goals it is important to quantify and put a figure to the respective goals ie : to increase sales by 20%, have an income of $XX, etc.

Once you identify the various goals, you need to ensure that you remember all of this for next year. So how do you do this? You could write up the goals on a big piece of paper and put it somewhere visible.  Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting (with yourself or business partner) and then use this time to review your goals and achievements, and look at what worked, what didn’t etc.    Once you do this, you will have a clearer picture of how your business is going, and then you can review your goals accordingly.
Throughout the whole presentation Rachael emphasized the importance of being positive and the law of attraction – where like attracts like.  I have heard a lot on this topic in recent times, and from personal experience I think it is spot on.   So, it is important to set the intention for 2014, the focus and energy in motion to make it possible to begin attracting and manifesting a successful year.

I hope that this has inspired you to make a plan of your own for next year, and help kick start the New Year.  We wish you much success in your business for 2014. May your year be filled with good health and prosperity, and take care over the holidays.

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