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Marketing tactics to implement prior to Christmas

Marketing can seem complicated, and even those that have studied marketing, are finding that   there has been so much change especially in the last 5 years. However, marketing need not be complicated and expensive. As a small business, we usually have a tight budget, and we need to spend it wisely.  As Christmas and the New Year approach, there are free marketing tools available, and below are some action points to put into place ASAP.


1. Schedule your social media:

This is definitely a very busy time of year, and most businesses are busy finishing off projects, that we may forget to keep up to date with our social media pages.  You don’t want your pages to sit idle with no new updates!  This is probably just as bad as creating a static web page – a web page where there are no changes. Why would clients keep coming back?
To avoid this you could use Facebook scheduling, which is a really great tool. You need to set aside sometime and schedule some points leading up to Christmas.  It’s almost like the way you set aside time to write a blog and then publish it a later time.
If you use multiple social media channels, then you can look at using Buffer (bufferapp.com)

2. Start an email database:

This might seem hard at first glance, but it’s really not that hard.  If you think about all your current clients, people you’ve networked with, family and friends, here is a great start to the database.  A simple spread sheet with contact details is all you need.
Once you have a list ready you can then use Mail Chimp – it is a free email marketing solution to manage contacts, and emails and track results.  Mail Chimp has all the features that you will need for an effective email marketing campaign whether you are a beginner or an expert marketer.   As the name suggests it is a fun tool and makes the whole experience enjoyable.
 If  you do start using Mail Chimp, your contacts   most probably won’t mind getting email marketing from you ,  as long as you have the unsubscribe button there- which gives them the option of opting out

3. Thank your customers:

Customer satisfaction can make or break a business. With social media customers are able to share their experiences instantly – and with their entire network. So you need to treat them well and show them gratitude for their support.
So how do you show that you care? Simple….at this time of year you could write them a handwritten Christmas card or you could offer them discounts for all the lovely referrals. Whatever you do - remember to thank your customers.

I hope these ideas help you in the lead up to Christmas and the festive season.

Have a great week!


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