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Should you have a mobile optimised ( responsive) website?

"According to market research firm IDC , there will be 134.4 million desktop PC and 180.9 million labtops shipped world wide this year".
In comparison there will be 227.3 million tablets shipped this year and 1.013 billion smart phones.

Websites that are designed for full screen desktop computers, don't work well on smaller smart phone screens. Hmmmmmmm, so all those smart phone savy customers that access non mobile optimised websites would undoubtedly be annoyed and frustrated. This could inturn lead them to a competitor with a mobile website.

So what is a mobile optimised (responsive) website?



Responsive web design is where  the content of your website will work across multiple devices. Whether a user is accessing your site from their computer, iPhone, Android phone,
iPad, Kindle, Nook, or other device, you want your site to appear professional and functional.

You can start by checking what your current website looks like when viewed on a mobile device. There are many tools available for doing this. You can
do a web search on "test what website looks like on a mobile" and then pick one. If you find the layout and text hard to read, or if you have to scroll to view the page then you need a responsive website.
Why is a mobile friendly website a must:

 - consumers use smart phones for absolutelty everything -  news, information, shopping and more. According to Google CEO, this is the fastest growing communication channel in history.

-  Consumers carry there smartphones everywhere and use them to do research and make decisions. Given this consumer behaviour, business has no option but to ensure they have a mobile friendly presence.

-  Having a mobile website ensures you are easily accessible to consumers. Keep in mind that a large number of consumers are on the run and make hairdressing appointments, travel arrangements and other bookings  via smart phones.

-  Mobile websites are indpendent of what smart phone a consumer has.

-  These websites enjoy higher search engine rankings, compared to a business that doesn't have a responsive website.   

-  If your competition has a responsive  website, you risk losing your clients to them.

The good news is that if you have an existing website you dont need to start from scratch. If you have a joomla website, we can add this functionality which will ensure your website will be responsive.

We understand the importance of a responsive websites, and this is what we recommend to our clients.

Have a great Monday, and good luck for the Melbourne Cup tomorrow if you are having a bet!


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