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Our Design Process

Here we outline the typical process from start to finish, so you can better understand what you can expect when working with us.

This should be used as guideline, as your project may have specific needs that are not addressed here.




First Contact

At this stage we will find out some basic information about your needs and expectations – and what you wish to achieve with your web site. Contact us for a guide which gives you an overview of some of the issues that you should consider when building/redesigning a web site.

Requirements Analysis

Following the initial contact we will arrange a no obligation meeting (approximately 1 hour) to discuss your specific requirements for a web site. This would preferably be face to face, but can also be undertaken very successfully via phone.

At this meeting we will find out more about your business. It is crucial that we gain an understanding of your products/services so that we are better able to discuss various options.

We will discuss sites that you like, who your competitors are (and what they are doing on the web), design guidelines (including logos and colour schemes), site structure and layout options , and also discuss domain names and hosting.

At the conclusion of this meeting, we will have a good idea about your expectations, and what you would like to achieve with your site. After the meeting and if the client is interested we will email a Web Design Questionnaire form for client to fill in with as much details as possible. The more details you provide to us the more accurate will be the Design Samples.


As an outcome of our initial consultation and requirements analysis we will provide you with a proposal. Our proposal will contain a detailed description of your needs and our recommendations (including domain names and hosting if applicable). We will usually also provide an outline of the proposed site structure, design guidelines, and an approximate time scale.

We will, wherever possible, give you a fixed price. However if certain elements of the site aren’t fully defined, we may include some estimated costs.


If you are happy with the proposal, you will provide us with approval to proceed along with an agreed deposit.



During the design phase we would typically prepare a number of sample designs (based on the specific package you choose). Based on this package you will either chose a winning design and approve it or you would review the designs, identify what you liked (and what you didn’t) and we would then work with you to develop a final design for your approval.



Once a design has been approved, we create a design template, which we then use as the basis for generating the rest of the pages in the site – although there will usually be some variations from page to page to cater for specific page requirements.

When the overall site structure is in place (usually “dummy” pages with minimal content ) we can start to plug in the site content. You will provide us with the necessary content in the required format.

Throughout the site design and development phases we will incorporate Search Engine Optimization techniques to ensure that you site is search engine friendly.

Review and Testing

Throughout the design and development process and based on the package selected, you will be given opportunities to review and approve the site design, structure and functionality.

We will not launch the site until we have received your approval.



This is the final phase of the process, whereby all that hard work comes to fruition. Once the  final payment has been made the website will be launched. Training and support is provided (as per package selected) as to ensure that you have full control over your website. Should you require additional training, this can be easily arranged.


We would love to hear from you, drop us a line or call us on +614 0504 8188 so we can discuss your needs.