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Affordable small business websites . Open your business to the world of possibilities.


Being in business today, it is imperative that you present your business professionally via the internet. Why?

The reason is that the world is changing at a very rapid pace, and potential customers are no longer just picking up the phone or coming in personally to get a quote. A majority of people today are researching on line, and for you as a business this means that an on line presence is a must.

 As a result of this, and listening to our client needs, we have developed our packages that will suit almost anyone. Take a look at our different packages and give us a call to discuss your needs further.


Static Website Packages

We created 2 static website packages for small businesses, that do not need to update their content on a regular basis (maximum twice a year). This package is also suitable for small businesses that need a basic website to test their products or services. This affordable package, can easily be upgraded to any of our small business content management packages. Contact us.


Content Management Packages (CMS)

The major benefits of this include: easy to use, easy to update and amend as the business grows. Clients can easily perform updates by themselves.  It is  most suited to  clients who require updates to their websites on a regular basis. By having the possibility to easily manage and update your own website, you will enjoy the savings you will have made each time you require an update. However, if you prefer to spend time growing your business, you can leave the content management tasks to us, and we will be happy to assist you. You can either  call or email us with your request. Contact us.

Prices for webdesign start from $150.00

Client Provides Web hosting and domain name in all packages.

We will recommend suitable web hosting to our client if requested by client.
NOTE: All of the design concept choices presented  to the client  are custom built for the client based on the info provided and business card.