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Cannot delete last style of a template Joomla


I'm sure that many of us have hit this problem. I used to have my private blog and had a post about this issue a while ago.

Looking throughout my website statistic recently I found that this is still an issue worth addressing. 

So here it is for everybody that does not know how to fix it.

Basic know how around joomla. And that the template you are about to delete is not active template.

Template that you are about to uninstall is not needed any more.


Ok with that in mind here it is:
NOTE: once you uninstall it, its gone for good if you change your mind you need to upload it again.
You try to delete template in template manager by selecting the template and clicking delete button and

you are presented with this message “Cannot delete last style of a template”.
 So how do you get rid of templates that you don't need any more if the template manager does not do it.
First what is Joomla template it is essentially an extension that you installed using extension manager.

Step 1. Open the extension manager by clicking on Extensions then Extension Manager.
Step 2. Click on manage scroll throughout items until you find the template name that you like to delete select it and

click  “Uninstall” button. Wait and you should get the following message “Uninstalling template was successful.”

Congratulations You just permanently removed your first template.

Joomla reset admin password using MySQL query


So you have somehow messed up your password and you cant log-in into your admin account.

Or maybe someone hacked into your site because you were not careful enough and changed passwords.

Either way here is a simple solution to restore your admin access to your website.


  • I'm assuming you have access to your database.
  • That you have a basic understanding of what makes up your website
  • That you understand the admin panel of your hosting account.
  • That your website uses joomla 3.x.x and up.

Ok with that in mind here it is:

Open phpMyAdmin in your webhosting backend and find table YourTablePrefix_users.

Open the table and have a look, make note of the user ID that you like to change password.


Now in the SQL window paste the following query bellow and replace "tableprefix" with your table prefix, replace "new password here" with your password and user_id_here with the user id that you need to change password.

Click GO to execute query.

Thats it now you can log-in with your new password.


The query:

UPDATE 'tableprefix_users' SET PASSWORD =MD5('new_password_here') WHERE id=user_id_here;